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30th Jan 2018

Netflix’s new serial killer drama is getting incredible reviews

Paul Moore

Already compared to Luther and Mindhunter. Stephen King loves it!

Despite revolutionising the way that we watch TV, the business model of Netflix seems quite straightforward. Produce gripping original shows (Mindhunter, Making A Murderer, Narcos) and supplement these ‘in-house’ features with strong films and TV shows from elsewhere.

On that note, the online streaming giant has been very clever in acquiring some of the best new programming around – The Sinner and The End of the Fucking World being good examples of this – and their most recent addition is earning incredible reviews, especially from people that love features like Mindhunter, Luther and The Silence of the Lambs.

In their new show La Mante, The Mantis, Netflix have once again created a title that’s beloved by fans of the serial killer genre.

After being incarcerated for a series of grisly murders, Jeanne Deber, a serial killer who terrorised France, has since spent her days alone in prison. When a copycat killer begins to replicate her horrific crimes, she offers to help their investigation on one condition: her son Damien, who has not spoken to her since her arrest and is now a police officer, must work by her side.

Like The Sinner, the mystery unfolds over the course of six episodes that are brimming with twists and turns. The murder scenes don’t skimp on the thrills and gore – hello Luther – while the idea of a serial killer teaming up with the police harkens back to Hannibal Lecter working with Clarice Starling.

In fact, The New York Times compared La Mante to Idris Elba’s iconic DCI. “La Mante is as dark as they come — think “Bron/Broen” or “Luther,” a bleak serial-killer show with disturbing visuals and stylish misery,” while Decider said: “we’d be remiss not to mention just how strong the storytelling and performances are.”

Like many people that have already seen La Mante, Stephen King is already a big fan of the serial killer drama.