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22nd Jul 2016

Netflix’s new feature opens up a whole new realm of ‘Netflix and chill’

Bring it on.

Carl Kinsella

Somewhere along its chain of evolution, Netflix became synonymous with dating.

Anybody who is hip and/or down with the young people these days, as we most definitely are, knows that ‘Netflix and chill’ is no more than a euphemism .

Well, Netflix are building on this brand with their new ‘Flixtape’ feature. Mixtapes have long been regarded as a way to communicate your affection for someone – and now you can compile a mixtape of your favourite Netflix movies and TV shows.

Because what’s a better way to show someone you care by temporarily ruining their social life by recommending a seven-season long binge?

Of course, it doesn’t have to be for flirting. It’s the perfect way to recommend TV shows and movies to people who have similar tastes to you based on your own viewing history, or an ‘Inspire Me’ option if you get stuck. It also means your mates can send you recommendations for when you inevitably spend two hours trying to decide what to watch before sticking on a random episode of It’s Always Sunny again.

And it will give you a way to prove to your mate that you said they should watch a certain show well before they finally caught onto it in season three and tried to introduce you to it.

We’re looking forward to its launch.