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14th Jul 2018

Netflix’s latest documentary is incredibly difficult to watch

Kate Demolder

The film has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Netflix has debuted the trailer for an upcoming documentary titled The Bleeding Edge, the latest highly-anticipated film made by Academy Award-winning documentary filmmakers Kirby Dick & Amy Ziering (The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground).

The film showcases the unforeseen and potentially dangerous consequences of technology used in the medical field in the United States, the most technologically advanced medical system in the world, essentially highlighting what happens when devices malfunction and things go wrong.

The piece plays the role of exposé in a highly unregulated billion dollar industry as well as a compliment to another documentary this year, Mike Eisenberg’s To Err Is Human.

To Err Is Human is another film also about medical errors and deaths caused my misdiagnoses. Both documentaries are shocking pieces of film that urge people to think differently about the medical world.

Clip via Netflix

“How can you clear something that’s been shown to be dangerous?”

The piece weaves emotionally-powered stories of people whose lives have been irreparably damaged by opting for “life-saving technologies”, which may actually be, in turn, killing us.

The documentary will be available to watch on Netflix on 27 July.