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18th Jan 2016

Netflix’s Head of Content has his say on new episodes of Making a Murderer

Carl Kinsella

Netflix unleashed a whole raft of announcements about their plans for 2016 over the weekend.

The streaming giant confirmed plans for a second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones and also put a temporary brake on Aziz Ansari’s popular social-commentary comedy Master of None.

Plans for a second season of Making a Murderer are far more ambiguous, however, with Netflix’s Head of Content Acquisition Ted Sarandos leaving the door open for a follow-up season without confirming one is in the works.

“The story is still unfolding. It was a remarkable turn of events in the last couple of weeks of the year where it was that crazy combination of super addictive television and time to watch it.”

give it to me now

Given the sensitivity of the subject material, and the case’s propensity to change greatly in a short space of time depending on real-world developments, it would be tough to plan a second season in the same way a network can plan a sitcom.

Nevertheless, Sarandos seems to be acknowledging that there is an interest in further coverage of Steven Avery’s story.