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07th Apr 2016

The amount of choice on Netflix is getting smaller at an alarming rate

You were right - there's less to watch on Netflix now

Carl Anka

Ever started a Netflix session, only to wonder where that film you had bookmarked had gone?

Films and television programmes get added and removed from Netflix’s catalogue constantly, turning what should be a easy hangover/chill out sessions into rushed catch ups, as you squeeze time to watch that Tom Hardy film with the BMW before it gets taken off.

For those who’ve ever had an inkling there’s just less to watch on the service, recent news seems to confirm that your Netflix subscription (that’s if you’re not someone just scabbing off a mate), doesn’t stretch as far as it used to.

Netflix’s catalogue really is shrinking.

via 30 Rock/NBC

Research from website AllFlicks shows that Netflix’s catalogue has shrunk by just over a third in the past three years.

‘In January of 2014, Netflix offered its US-based users a selection of 6,494 movies and 1,609 TV shows, for a total of 8,103 titles,’ explains the website. ‘As of March 23, 2016, they offer just 4,335 movies and 1,197 TV shows – 5,532 titles in total.

‘That’s 2,571 fewer titles. In other words, Netflix’s catalogue has shrunk 31.7% in less than two and a half years.’

The shrinkage gets even worse when you factor in the difference between Netflix’s catalogue here in the UK compared to our friends across the Atlantic thanks to annoying differences between film distributors and other complicated nonsense.

Netflix is promising to bring a stack of brand new original content in 2016 to help balance things out.  Savvy consumers can also stay one step ahead of what’s coming in and out of Netflix by checking out our handy JOE features, and using Twitter accounts like @NewOnNetflixUK, but it looks like there is just a bit less to watch when you’re planning you’re next binge.

You know who is laughing about all this Netflix news though?

Five years later, still a golden tweet.