Netflix went down on Saturday night and people were freaking out 5 years ago

Netflix went down on Saturday night and people were freaking out

When life gets you down, there's always one thing that will be there for us.

No matter how rough things get, we'll always have our beloved Netflix to stand by us through thick or thin. No matter what, right? Right?!



If you were up late last night and having trouble binging through your favourite show, then you're not alone.

Beloved streaming site Netflix went down some time around 2am and came back online around two hours later, with those watching from web browsers unable to watch for the entire time.

While most of us were lucky enough to sleep through the site's outage, there were many around the world who weren't so lucky.


For some, the prospect of a quiet night in watching Breaking Bad for the fifth time was ruined. And you've got to feel for them.


And people quickly began drawing a link between the Netflix outage and the streaming site's massively popular new show, Stranger Things.



But in times of trouble, the community bands together to help out the less fortunate.

Please never betray us again, Netflix.

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