Netflix renews Disenchantment for a second season 1 year ago

Netflix renews Disenchantment for a second season

Good news for Simpsons fans

Netflix has renewed animated sitcom Disenchantment for a second season.

The show was created by The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening, and featured several other Springfield alumni amongst its writing staff, animation directors and voice talent.

The first ten episodes of the show dropped in this year, with the second half of season one set to arrive in 2019.

Coming with that pedigree of talent, there were high expectations for the fantasy-themed comedy. In truth, it didn't quite hit the ground running, but was still a lot of fun.

It really started to come together with the final few episodes however, and set itself up well for the second lot of episode coming in 2019.

Plus, you have to remember that The Simpsons didn't arrive fully formed. The first season is full of wonky animation and none of the voices sound right. Give Disenchantment time, it could very well go from good to great.

Hopefully it will get that chance - Netflix have now confirmed that the show has been renewed for another season of 20 episodes, again being rolled out in two goes - in 2020 and 2021.

Here is a fancy announcement video.

"We’re excited to continue this epic journey with Netflix. Stay tuned for more cranked-up suspense, infuriating plot twists, and beloved characters getting knocked off," Matt Groening said in a standard press release quote that they always include in these sorts of things.

Disenchantment follows hard-drinking young princess Bean, her feisty elf companion Elfo, and her personal demon Luci. It's kind of like Futurama but with fantasy instead of sci-fi, and you should watch it.