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27th May 2019

Netflix are releasing four brand new true crime documentaries in the coming weeks

Paul Moore

We may have found your next TV addiction

If you’re currently filling the Game of Thrones-sized hole in your heart with Chernobyl and Killing Eve – both excellent choices – you might also be looking for something that replicates the evil, cunning and ruthless nature of the war for the Iron Throne.

Well, Netflix have plenty of releases in June tailor-made for just that.

As always, the online streaming giant are putting a big emphasis on their documentary features and June is shaping up to be an exceptional month for the genre.

Here are four of the big titles that caught our eye.

Killer Ratings – 31 May

Plot: A series about a TV celebrity, murder, political power and a criminal empire. It tells the true-life story of a Brazilian TV host who was accused of literally killing for ratings and using his show to cover up the truth.

The seven-part series will focus on Wallace Souza, who was catapulted to fame in Brazil when he hosted TV show Canal Livre.

After receiving massive fame and adulation, allegations emerged that that the TV host was only able to make it first to certain crime scenes because he had ordered the murders himself.

The Alcàsser Murders  – 14 June

Plot: A four-episode true crime documentary, the The Alcàsser Murders will analyse and investigate one of the most gruesome and controversial crimes in Spanish history. The triple murder in 1992 shook the foundations of Spanish society and crossed borders, not only in its brutality, but also because of its shocking broadcast and exploitation by the media.

25 years have passed and the mystery is still unresolved. The passing of time, instead of shedding light on this case, triggered a whole series of serious rumours about lethal violence, in what the judge described as a “journey to horror”. The Alcàsser case is a complicated one, full of controversy and numerous loose ends.

The Confession Tapes: Season 2  – 21 June

Plot: They confessed to horrible crimes they claim they never really committed. But why? Four more stories tackle the tricky question.

Season One of the show proved to be a huge hit with viewers and we’ve a feeling that the new instalments won’t be too much of a change to the established style and aesthetic.

Exhibit A – 28 June

Plot: This true crime series shows how innocent people have been convicted with dubious forensic tools and techniques, such as cadaver dogs and touch DNA.

All in all, there’s plenty of new shows for fans to watch; check out the full list of what’s coming to Netflix in June here.