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21st Jun 2019

Final trailer for Stranger Things season 3 hints at surprise villain

Netflix have released the final trailer for Stranger Things' third season, which features our beloved gang of nerds fighting an unexpected villain

Reuben Pinder

Who had money on Billy?

Stranger Things is almost back. In less than a month, our beloved gang of heroic children from Hawkins, Indiana will return to our screens to fight evil once again.

The last season ended with Eleven using her powers to close the gate to the upside down. But that has not stopped the ‘Mind Flayer’, with its slime and its freakish limbs and its terrifying size, from causing havoc in the town.

The trailer begins with a sinister voiceover. “You let us in, and now *heavy bass*, you are going to have to let us stay,” we hear.

While Eleven did indeed close the gate, as Mike correctly points out: “What if he never left?”

So that’s what the third season centres around, unsurprisingly. But through which character does the Mind Flayer channel his terror? This beast must attach itself to a vulnerable host to communicate with humans, and the trailer suggests it could be Max’s older brother Billy.

He’s never been hugely popular, Billy. Much of season two was spent painting him as the overly controlling, cruel, aggressive older brother. He ultimately got his comeuppance when Max drugged him with a syringe during a fight between him and Steve, but it looks like he still poses a major threat to the group.

So there’s a new villain in town, Will still isn’t free from its terror, Steve has started wearing eye make-up, his bromance with Dustin continues to blossom, Eleven is likely to save the day once again, and a lot of it will happen at the town’s new theme park, which adds a certain element of creepy horror.

All signs point towards the show’s third season being another banger, although there’s only so many times you can repeat the same cycle of ‘oh no, there’s a monster that’s out to get us, luckily one of us has super powers,’ storyline.

Hopefully, three’s a charm.

Stranger Things 3 launches on Netflix on July 4th.