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18th May 2017

Netflix have announced a sequel series to a classic 80s kids movie

Wil Jones

80s kids will be excited about this one.

1982’s The Dark Crystal is an incredible achievement. It saw Muppet’s creator Jim Henson attempt to move away from colorful comedy and create a serious Lord of the Rings style fantasy adventure – all with his trademark puppets, and no on-screen humans.

It was creepy and exciting, and like no other film before it. It was not a box office success, but along with its spiritual follow up Labyrinth (which introduced human characters played by Jennifer Connolly and David Bowie), it became a cult favorite with children of the 1980s on VHS and television.

Jim Henson had plans for a sequel, but wasn’t able to make then happen in his lifetime. Now however, we a finally getting more tales of The Dark Crystal ­– Netflix has announced a 10 part series, to start shooting later this year.

The series, titled Age of Resistance will be set “many years before the events of the film,” and feature state of the art creatures created by Jim Henson’s Creature shop, with the film’s original design Brian Froud on-board.

Netflix have released this teaser:


And here’s the trailer for the original movie: