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18th Jun 2017

Netflix have a new comedy out this week and the early reviews are incredibly promising

Definitely one to add to your list

Rory Cashin

We got our first look at Netflix’s new comedy about a month ago, but some lucky critics have got their hands on the series already and it sounds very promising to us.

The first trailer dropped a little while ago and immediately got us invested in the 1980s-set GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), what with it coming from the folks behind Orange Is The New Black and featuring some great comedic actors. We were on board immediately.

With all the episodes of the first season due to arrive on the streaming service from Friday 23 June, we had already planned on putting aside a lot of time for it, but now with the early reviews unanimously GLOW-ing (apologies), we’re even more excited that we were before.

“[GLOW] takes everything over-the-top about professional wrestling, pushes it to higher levels of absurdity and melodrama, and finds something deeply personal, explicitly political, and wonderfully brute-force awesome.” – Entertainment Weekly

“GLOW takes this arena of artifice and turns it into a story of feminine coming-of-age with a bright, engaging energy that balances tones with masterful skill.” – Variety

“GLOW is sometimes funny, sometimes emotional and anchored by a strong, ego-free performance by Alison Brie, improving across the full 10-episode first season sent to critics.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“GLOW pulses with all sorts of potential talking points about gender, friendships between women and public perception of stereotypes, but rather than bogging itself down in prolonged messaging, it is consistently committed to a brisk pace and a lightness that reflects its subject matter.” – Washington Post

“GLOW succeeds almost entirely because of the affinity the writers clearly have for wrestling as a form of entertainment. The show revels in every move, every over-the-top costume, every fake shriek of pain.” – USA Today

Overall, the show has received a higher score from critics than the most recent series of Orange Is The New Black, House Of Cards, Sense8, Bloodline or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. So could actually be better than some of your favs, which will make it definite must-watch this coming weekend.

Check out the trailer: