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22nd Apr 2019

Here’s how you can request movies and TV shows on Netflix

Get your requests in

For everyone who’s wanted to binge on The Sopranos and for those of us who’ve wanted to enjoy the entire Harry Potter series from start to end, this Netflix hack is for you.

Month on month, Netflix’s latest releases give us a whole new selection of movies and TV shows to enjoy, however, do you ever wonder why some of your favourites are not there?

Well, this Netflix hack will have you running the show (kinda) as there is a way for you to request certain titles from the site.

On the Netflix Help Centre, there is a place where you can request up to three titles to be released on site.

No need for repeat request though, as Netflix keeps track of all the requests from your account and keeps a record of them so spamming will get you nowhere.

The site will monitor your requests and if something you’ve been begging for is getting added to the site, they’ll email you to let you know.

But think strategically, you’re doing this for all of us. Don’t just start requesting some obscure Japanese anime that’s no good to the rest of us. This is a team game, yeah?