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19th Oct 2017

Netflix drop a violent new trailer for The Punisher and reveals the show’s launch date

"The trust must be taken"

Rory Cashin

Fourth time’s a charm.

That looks like how it will work out for The Punisher, who previously was taken to the big screen as Dolph Lundgren in 1989, and again as Thomas Jane in 2004, and then again as Ray Stevenson in 2008, but none of these go-arounds managed to nail it quite right.

So this time, thanks to the folks at Netflix, as well as Marvel, we might finally get The Punisher that we all deserve.

Jon Bernthal returns to the role, having kicked Daredevil’s ass during that characters second season, and we get the back-story of Frank Castle, and how he was turned from loving family man and American soldier, into a dead-eyed killing machine who pretty much ended the life of any one who crossed his path.

All episodes for the first season of The Punisher will be available on Netflix from Friday 17 November.

You can check out the brand new trailer below.

Clip via Netflix UK & Ireland