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16th Jun 2017

Netflix have added a new critically-acclaimed documentary that will make for essential viewing

The story behind one of the most famous lawsuits of all time.

Conor Heneghan

In the era of ‘fake news’, this Netflix documentary is well worth a watch.

Hull Hogan will always be known to many as one of the biggest stars in the history of wrestling, but he has attracted his fair share of notoriety since his peak years in the ring.

In 2012, a sex tape involving Hogan circulated online and was posted on the Gawker website, which ultimately led to a protracted lawsuit which resulted in Hogan being awarded $115 million in 2016.

The trial between Hogan and Gawker is at the centre of a new Netflix original documentary called Nobody Speak, an examination of the perils and duties of the free press in an age of inequality.

The documentary looks at the story behind Hogan’s lawsuit and the findings of reporters investigating the Hulk Hogan sex tape and the sale of a major daily newspaper, the Las Vegas Journal-Review, namely, that billionaires were covertly using their fortunes to silence the media.

Nobody Speak explores what the financial support of Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal, of the lawsuit against Gawker and the shadowy purchase of Nevada’s largest newspaper mean for the future of journalism, the First Amendment in the United States, and the power of the ultra-wealthy.

Having premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, Nobody Speak has been the subject of glowing early reviews from critics and is coming to Netflix next Friday, 23 June.

It looks like it’s going to make for gripping viewing; check out the trailer below.