Netflix and Amazon Prime viewing figures reportedly leaked 5 years ago

Netflix and Amazon Prime viewing figures reportedly leaked

The most popular shows on streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime have been revealed, according to figures shared by NBC via technology group Symphony.

True crime drama Narcos was popular enough to earn a second series in no time, but an estimated viewership of 3.2million means it was not the most-watched programme.


That honour went to Jessica Jones (4.8m), with Master of None second with 3.9m.

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime's adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Man in the High Castle proved to be their most popular original series with an audience of 2.1m.

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According to Vox, the Symphony study drew from a 15,000 sample, and it is thought to relate to United States viewership only.

The sample size is comparable to the Nielsen ratings traditionally used to gauge TV figures in America, which uses a sample of 14,000.

But it is unclear whether the study into Netflix and Amazon Prime represents a cross-section of society in the same way.