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18th Nov 2018

Narcos fans are absolutely giddy after an extremely interesting cameo in the new season

Paul Moore

This could be massive

As soon as viewers were introduced to Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna) in Narcos: Mexico, there was no denying that the show had got a new villain. Clever, calculating, and ambitious, we knew that he was going to be an instrumental figure in the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel.

This season is primarily concerned with showing the rise of the Mexican drug cartels and Gallardo sees massive potential among Mexico’s independent and relatively disorganised marijuana growers.

Gallardo is far more interested in unifying traffickers in order to build an empire but while this former Sinaloan state cop appears to be more of a businessman, he can also be incredibly ruthless.

Case in point, that cold blooded hit on’El Azul’s’ man in the hotel lobby.

After his vision and ingenuity secures a meeting between all of Mexico’s drug kingpins, Gallardo’s vision is undermined by the ego of  his boss, Pedro Avilés Pérez, because he refuses to apologise to a man that he has bad blood with, Acosta.

After negotiations seem to fall apart, it’s clear to everyone in the room who’s the most useful person and after being tracked down by the corrupt DFS, it’s bye bye Pedro.

Ego never gets in the way of business.

After this assassination, the only other man in the car, the driver, pledges his allegiance to Gallardo. In doing so, we’re provided with an extremely interesting direction that the show could take in future seasons.

This man’s name? Chapo. Yes, that’s El Chapo.

We’re glued to see where this current season of Narcos: Mexico could go, but this cameo has got fans very excited about the future of the beloved drama.