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21st Nov 2018

Narcos fans absolutely lost their minds thanks to the return of *that* character

What a scene

Paul Moore

What a scene

Haven’t finished Narcos: Mexico, or only watched the first few episodes?

Ok, unlike Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, we’re going to show you some mercy and extend a spoiler alert warning.

As soon as Gallardo headed down to Guadalajara and shot that guy in cold blood in the hotel restaurant, we knew that he wasn’t a man to be messed with.

Hell, you could do as much cocaine as Rafa and still be crystal clear with the knowledge that the main antagonist in Narcos: Mexico is calculated, cunning, and absolutely ruthless.

What unfolded throughout the season was a fine tribute to the brilliant three seasons that preceded it, but with the timelines shifting and various characters coming into contact with each other, it became apparently clear that the production lines of Colombia and Mexico were going to meet.

Of course, that was Gallardo’s main plan because after the U.S blocked off the Caribbean supply line for cocaine exports for the Cali and Medellín Cartels, Mexico became prime real estate.

But in a world where you should trust nobody, a face-to-face meeting can make a world of difference.

Of course, for Félix Gallardo the choice was so simple that even a hippo could see it.

Would he align himself with the temperamental and volatile Pablo Escobar, or choose the meticulous and professional approach of ‘The Gentlemen of Cali’?

The choice is an easy one, but it’s made much harder when a gun was pointed to his head by the most dangerous narco-terrorist in Colombian history.

Oh yes, despite the fact that Pablo Escobar met his maker at the end of Narcos Season 2, Wagner Moura returned to his iconic role for one brilliant scene in Narcos: Mexico and fans couldn’t get enough of this showdown between ‘El Patrón’ and ‘El Padrino.’

With the rise of ‘El Chapo’ destined to take place in coming seasons, Narcos: Mexico could be about to get even better.

Dear Narcos producers, any chance of another Escobar cameo?