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08th Mar 2017

Here’s why The Naked Gun is one of the funniest trilogies ever

Conor Heneghan

They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

This week marks the 35th anniversary of the first broadcast of Police Squad on US television, giving us the tenuous excuse we’ve long been looking for to pay tribute to the movie trilogy that was eventually spawned from the TV series.

Like Airplane, the Daddy of all comedies, the Naked Gun trilogy is a laugh-a-minute riot, featuring so many jokes in such a short space of time that you’re guaranteed to find a host of new gags with each repeated viewing.

Comedy has evolved in the years since the release of Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult in 1994, but there’s certainly a Leslie Nielsen-shaped void in the genre for the type of silly, slapstick, gag-heavy piece of work that he helped make into an art form.

The men behind the Naked Gun series – David and Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams – struggled to find the right comedy formula after the third movie (only David Zucker was involved in what was the weakest movie in the series), but they certainly set a high bar with a trilogy that still stands the test of time.

Take a trip down memory lane below by reliving some of the many moments which made it so great.

“Maybe this will help…”

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“Anybody get a look at the driver?”

Clip via Movieclips

“I want you to know, I practise safe sex…”

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“Go for it, Stephanie”

Clip via Mark Cousens

“Ed, he’s got a picture of your wife”

Clip via tomtraveller

‘Enrico Pallazzo’ sings the national anthem

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‘Enrico Pallazzo’ saves the day

Clip via MuckKills

 “I’m a very lucky woman”

Clip via Anssi Purola

An awfully big moustache

Clip via gthedirector

Boxing nicknames

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“Sam, play our song, just one more time”

Clip via pansulik

“I love it”

Clip via The Kasikaasu

Nordberg’s unfortunate ride

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Close-range shootout

Clip via Kamil Zupa

Alternative Untouchables opening sequence

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“We like to go out in the back yard, throw it around for a while

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“You might end up dead is my middle name”

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“Take it from me, this place here changes a man”

Clip via Nizzinny

“Come here, sexy”

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“I know what I’m doing”

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