Myleene Klass falls for genius Peep Show prank on live radio 1 year ago

Myleene Klass falls for genius Peep Show prank on live radio

"Elena, he is a keeper!"

Myleene Klass fell hook, line and sinker for a genius Peep Show prank live on Smooth Radio on Tuesday. The former Hear'Say singer was asking listeners to send in stories of travelling long distances for food. You can see where this is going, can't you?


"We've had the boys who travelled from the Isle of Wight to London for a curry, we've had Rita who travelled from England to New York for a bagel," Klass said.

"And now we've got... Elena," she added, before reading out the prank message.

"Hi Myleene, my boyfriend Jeremy drove all the way from his flat in Croydon to Hastings, 57 miles, just to buy me my favourite bread."


If you're not too familiar with the scene from Peep Show in which this happens, refresh your memory by watching episode 3 of season 6. Basically, Jeremy goes to Hastings to buy Elena bread as a romantic gesture, as you have probably worked out.

Klass was taken aback by this fictional gesture, saying "Elena, he is a keeper. What can I say?"

Peep Show dedicated meme page Dobby Club posted the clip which you can watch below.


This can happen to the best of broadcasters, with all the pressures that come with hosting a live show. Myleene Klass just happened to be on the end of this harmless prank this time. When she realises her mistake, I'm sure she will laugh about it. Good fun all round.