Music To Live By: The hottest bands of 2016 share with JOE the soundtrack to their lives 5 years ago

Music To Live By: The hottest bands of 2016 share with JOE the soundtrack to their lives

How many of us have already chosen what we want played at our funeral? Or a favourite album to f**k to?

Songs for any mood or occasion is a rite of passage for music fans.


We've asked the hottest bands of 2016 to let us in on their personal playlists and pick a special 'Music To Live By' soundtrack.

Manchester band Blossoms kicked things off for us with this eclectic collection...

For our second installment, we've gone south to hit up brotherly duo Formation. Described as 'one of the hottest prospects around' twins Matt and Will Ritson present a heady mix of disco-punk.

If they were hanging out in a music playground, they'd be smoking cigarettes with LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture and ESG.

Wireless Festival - Day 2

Here are the songs they laugh, cry and make love (separately) to...


The song you lose your sh*t to? 'Close Your Eyes', by Run The Jewels

Said Formation: "I lose my s*it regularly to this tune, it's a beast."

Name a song to have sex to? 'Ooh Baby Baby', Smokey Robinson

"Although its quite easy to get distracted by Smokeys sublime tones."

A song you cry to? 'I Cry Alone', Dionne Warwick


"We've all been there."

How about a song Formation work out to? 'So Much Love To Give', Together

"Its a non-stop banger, by the time the kick drops you'll be as ripped as Arnie."

And a song you fall asleep to? 'Sanctus', Ola Gjeilo


"It's like my reverse alarm clock."

A song to stick on in the kitchen? 'Cookin' up something good', Mac Demarco

"Its all in the title - but I can't cook anyway."

A song you've sent to loved one/crush? 'I'm In Love', Aretha Franklin


"I send this to everyone!"

A song you want played at your funeral? 'Cantus in memoriam of Benjamin Britten', Arvo Part

"It's a piece of music that's so haunting I won't need to come back as a ghost."

A favourite childhood song? 'Reach Out and I'll Be There', The Four Tops

"This was the ultimate jam in the car with our dad."

And finally, a song that will always make you cringe? The Official Donald Trump Jam

"Don't look it up! It's something you'll never be rid of."

Directed by the band themselves, this is their latest single 'Love', from the new EP 'Under The Tracks', out now.