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27th Dec 2023

Mrs Brown’s Boys viewers left ‘physically sick’ after star snogs real-life son


“I feel physically sick.”

Viewers have been left reeling after the latest episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

The Christmas special episode aired earlier this week, and it took somewhat of a play on the classic festive film Love Actually.

Cathy Brown (Jennifer Gibney) was in the kitchen rustling up the dinner for the big day, when Buster Brady (Danny O’Carroll) came in and attempted to strike up some romance with Cathy.

After being rejected, Buster retreated before returning to the kitchen with some mistletoe.

“Cathy a woman cannot refuse a kiss under mistletoe. Now pucker up and lay it on me,” Buster told Cathy.

However, this time Mrs Brown was also in the kitchen, and she was the one who puckered up.

This left viewers seriously irked though, as Mrs Brown is played by none other than Brendan O’Carroll – Buster’s real-life dad.

“I feel physically sick,” one person wrote online after the episosde, adding: “But maybe that’s because I’m stuffed with turkey and Ferrero Rocher.”

A second put:  “OK, recycled jokes that weren’t funny in the first place. Maybe time for a break and a reassessment of the cast and material. Bored now. I’m gutted as this used to be hilarious! I think I could actually help them!”

Others defended the show, with one viewer penning: “I know Mrs Brown’s Boys is marmite. In this instance I love marmite.”

Another said: “I don’t understand, if you don’t like Mrs Brown’s boys don’t watch it.”