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07th Jul 2018

Here are the seven best movies on the telly tonight

Football, football, film - TV plans for the day

Rory Cashin

Football, football, film – TV plans for the day

England V Sweden at 3pm, followed by Russia V Croatia at 7pm.

Pretty big day for World Cup fans.

Also, some mega big releases in the cinema, with the likes of The First Purge, Whitney and Leave No Trace joining the likes of Hereditary, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Ocean’s 8 in the cinemas.

But if you’re insisting on sitting in and watching a movie or two, here are our suggestions:


Twister – ITV2 – 1.20pm

Bill Pullman Paxton and Helen Hunt are tornado chasers, who find love with each other again thanks to some extreme weather. From the director of Speed and the writer of Jurassic Park, no less!

Ted – E4 – 9.00pm

“Fuck you, thunder!”

Once Upon A Time In Mexico – Dave – 9.00pm

A sorta-semi-sequel to Desperado, with a hugely increased cast including Johnny Depp, Mickey Rourke, Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, Willem Defoe, Danny Trejo and … Enrique Iglesias (?!) surrounding Antonio Banderas’ mythic guitar-slinging assassin who ends up in a war between the CIA and a drug cartel.

True Lies – Film 4 – 9.00pm

Arguably Arnie’s most entertaining movie. Don’t @ me.

The World’s End – Channel 4 – 10.25pm

The end of the Cornetto trilogy, following Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, reunited Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright with a fantastic supporting cast, as a group of life-long friends who go on a pub crawl and accidentally undercover an alien invasion.

Behind The Candelabra – BBC One – 11.30pm

Michael Douglas plays the legendary Liberace, while Matt Damon plays his young lover and the disintegration of their relationship due to other lovers and lots of drugs getting involved. One of the better biopics of recent years and Rob Lowe hilariously steals every scene he appears in.

Nacho Libre – ITV4 – 12.00am (midnight)

The writer/director of Napoleon Dynamite followed up that cult comedy with this… well… cult comedy. Jack Black stars as a cook in a Mexican monastery who dreams of becoming a wrestler.