More details about the John Wick TV show are released as Winston looks set to return 3 years ago

More details about the John Wick TV show are released as Winston looks set to return

This could be very, very special.

"Your membership to The Continental has been, by thine own hand, revoked." It takes a character of real class, charm and sophistication to pull off a line like that but The Continental's owner, Winston, has those attributes in spades.

When he's not enjoying a nice cocktail, keeping order in a room full of assassins or entertaining Jonathan Wick - he's the only person that's allowed to call him that - Winston clearly commands the respect of everyone in the room.

This being said, he's a man of honour as seen by his decision to revoke John's membership of The Continental after he shot Santino D'Antonio in the face. Then again, he clearly has a great deal of respect for Jonathan as seen by the ending of John Wick:  Chapter Two.

As outlined previously, we think the new John Wick TV show has to do these 10 things to make it great and the producers have clearly been reading JOE because they're currently in talks with Ian McShane (Winston) about a potential role.

Starz will be broadcasting the TV show and their President of Original Programming, Carmi Zlotnick, recently gave an interview with  Slashfilm about the project.

"There are certainly conversations about having Ian McShane back. The good part is we have some sort of insight into his schedule because of our involvement in American Gods. We’re in conversations with Ian,"  Zlotnick said.

As for the plot, we're going to be introduced to "somebody who is new to the world."

"He won’t be an assassin at the very beginning. I don’t want to give too much about the story away, but it’s somebody who is new to the world. His origin story, when you go back to the beginning, unknown to him, has some ties to the world. I think the story will be told present day, but a lot of the present day drama will be informed by what happened in the past. I think the timeline for this show runs parallel with the timelines of the movies. So they’re contemporaneous but they’re separate. These are separate characters, separate stories. It’s set in the John Wick world. Usually we think about eight episodes for a first season. Usually trying to do more can be a bridge too far, but we’re discussing it. I think it’s always got to fit the needs of the story as well. Yeah, this is an action show. [Director] Chad [Stahelski]’s involved, we expect that whole gun fu aspect to it. That’s the nature of the franchise.”

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