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11th Jun 2018

Netflix’s most addictive show in years might be getting a spinoff

A show that consumes your life, it's excellent

Paul Moore

A show that consumes your life, it’s excellent

As soon as La Casa de Papel arrived on Netflix – or Money Heist as it’s known to English speaking audiences – it instantly consumed our lives to such a point that we felt the need to spread the word.

In fact, JOE was one of the very first outlets to champion the gripping heist drama and since then, Money Heist has continued to find new fans.

Season 2 has recently been added to the online streaming giant and during a recent Q&A session, it was revealed that the show has now become “the most watched non-English series on Netflix ever.” Considering the fact that Netflix have also developed the likes of Narcos, Dark and Suburra, that’s a very impressive feat.

A third season of the hit Spanish show has already been commissioned but it appears that a spinoff show that’s more tailored to an English speaking audience is also in the works.

As reported byVulture, the head of Netflix’s international originals team, Erik Barmack, is looking to replicate the worldwide success of Money Heist for the US and UK markets.

“Ted Sarandos and I were looking at the peculiarity of Casa — how huge it is everywhere that is not English-speaking and then relatively small in the U.S. and U.K. and Canada. What we’re debating is not whether we should just take the script line by line of Casa and put it in the U.S. But is there something unique we’ve tapped into, something around the heist, around the characters in the show having city names, the humour, and whether we can make a version of it in the U.S. and the U.K.?” said Barmack.

While that’s certainly an interesting approach, the co-creator of Money Heist, Álex Pina, has another idea.

Apparently, Pina has pitched an idea that might see the show ending up in the U.S.

“Álex’s vision is that with every season, more and more will be at stake. We actually may want to take the show to the U.S., and that same crew would steal from Fort Knox. That’s both sensitive, we’re in character, maybe we call it a spinoff, and it’s loyal to the vision of the story. That would be amazing.”

Truth be told, we really do love the show in its current ‘all Spanish’ version but we’re not opposed to seeing it move to the U.S.

It’s clear that Netflix have a beloved property on their hands that’s incredibly popular, but there are still some viewers that refuse to watch anything that has subtitles/dubbing. This approach would eradicate that issue.

If Money Heist does take an international approach, we really hope that it’s done solely to drive the plot forward though. On that note, the idea of robbing Fort Knox sounds absolutely brilliant.

Whatever approach they take, we know one thing. We’re going to be absolutely hooked.