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27th Feb 2017

Michael J. Fox got a standing ovation as he hit the Oscars in a DeLorean with Seth Rogen

What a legend

Rich Cooper

Any other year, this would have been the most talked about moment of the Oscars.

Unfortunately, a thing happened. It wasn’t a big thing, just a little mix-up, but it got a lot of people talking. No biggie. No worries.

As that minor error took up all the headlines today, it might have escaped your attention that Michael J. Fox and Seth Rogen paired up to present an award.

In a DeLorean.

With Seth Rogen wearing the self-lacing Nike trainers.

Singing a song from smash-hit musical Hamilton.


The stars of Back to the Future and just about every decent comedy in the last decade were there to present the award for Best Editing, which went to Hacksaw Ridge. However, it was Fox who got the biggest applause, with Rogen quipping, “I’m gonna pretend half that pretend is for me, even though deep down, it is not.”

“Well, some of it’s for you,” replied Fox.

“You think like 30% of it is for me?”

“…some of it’s for you.”

Fox, who has been battling Parkinson’s, both personally and through his foundation, looked in good shape and high spirits, riffing with Rogen and even joining in with the Pineapple Express and Knocked Up star’s rendition of the Schuyler Sisters song from Hamilton.

While that other moment may have made us all wince a little, this one brought out the biggest smiles of the night.