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13th Aug 2015

Meet the intriguing Bond women of Spectre…

Lia Nicholls

Miss MoneyPenny, Pussy Galore, Xenia Onatopp – we all know the female characters in James Bond are as important as the spy himself.

The 24th 007 film SPECTRE is no different, and how refreshing to have 50-year-old Monica Bellucci cast over younger counterparts alongside the very talented French actress Léa Seydoux.

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The film has released a new behind-the-scenes vlog introducing us to ‘The Bond Women of Spectre’.

Director Sam Mendes says, “In SPECTRE, the two women who Bond hooks up with, both have great mystery, they both have depths and for that you need fantastic actresses.”

“Lea Seydoux’s character (Madeleine Swann, daughter of Bond’s old nemesis Mr White) needed to be soulful, feisty and complicated, she’s the whole package.”


Meanwhile, Monica Bellucci (who plays Lucia) says about her character: “She’s an Italian widow with secrets.”

Mendes continued to praise Bellucci saying: “She has a incredibly seductive presence in life and in the movie and I’m enthralled she’s in it.”