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13th Dec 2016

Matt Terry’s Christmas plans show how he wasn’t expecting X Factor win

He had a solid back-up plan.


Matt Terry has become the new favourite for the Christmas Number One after winning ‘The X Factor’, but it seems the singer wasn’t too confident of his success on the show.

Terry, whose victory was the subject of wild conspiracy claims after he defeated Saara Aalto on Sunday night, clearly didn’t envisage going all the way when he signed up to take part.

The 23-year-old sorted himself a back-up plan, according to The Sun, in the form of a run as Peter Pan in a pantomime in Barrow, Cumbria.

According to the paper, X Factor bosses were forced to buy the former waiter out of his panto contract when he became a contender to win the show, though he was advertised on posters as recently as July.


The North-West Evening Mail quotes original co-star Adam Kelly, who suggests Terry’s replacement in the panto could have won ‘The X Factor’ if he had entered.

“We are all thrilled for Matt’s success but we are even more excited to watch Oliver Bower, who replaced Matt, perform as Peter,” Kelly said.

“I know that Matt has a fantastic voice but I think if Oliver had been competing on the X Factor he would have done just as well.”

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