Matt LeBlanc reveals the mystery behind Joey's injured arm on Friends 10 months ago

Matt LeBlanc reveals the mystery behind Joey's injured arm on Friends

He wasn't exactly jumping on the bed.

It's practically impossible to choose the best episode of Friends because it changes frequently.  This being said, it's very likely that one episode will feature very highly on everyone's list. The One Where No One's Ready from the third season of the beloved sitcom is superb because it shows Chandler and Joey for what they really are, two hilarious and immature children that are squabbling over a chair.

The episode is absolutely brimming with perfect one-liners like "THAT'S RIGHT. I'm taking the ESSENCE," "It's a rented tux. Okay? I'm not gonna go commando in another man's fatigues," and "You know what's weird? Donald Duck never wore pants. But whenever he's getting out of the shower, he always puts a towel around his waist. I mean, what is that about?" See, it's a classic.

This being said, Chandler and Joey's fight for the chair - and "the essence of the chair" - took it's toll on Matt LeBlanc because the actor suffered a pretty nasty injury to his shoulder during that scene.

In case you were wondering why Joey was then wearing a sling during the 'The One with the Jam', here's why.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, LeBlanc said: "It was during Friends; I think it was called 'The One Where No-One's Ready', where Ross had this big thing and we all had to get ready. Chandler and I were fighting over a chair and I had to jump over the coffee table and land on this big down chair - the safest stunt you have ever heard of in your life! It was the second scene of the night and I tripped going over the table. My feet went up in the air and I blew my shoulder out so bad I had to go the hospital and shut the show down," he said.


Friends fans will have fond memories of the jam episode because it gave us one of Joey's greatest ever lines.

Chandler : Hey, Joe, I gotta ask. The girl from the Xerox place, buck naked...or a big tub of jam?

Joey: Put your hands together.

See, this type of thing wouldn't happen to a blonde guy with a pool named... Hoit.

Here's LeBlanc's story in full.