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14th Sep 2015

Matt Damon believes we need to get off Earth in order to save it

To infinity and beyond...


Matt Damon’s intergalactic movies must be rubbing off on him – he wants to venture to outer space to save Earth from extinction. 

Although the actor wouldn’t want to be one of the first to explore life on other planets.

Asked if he would go into space, he said: “I think so down the line. I’m not one of these guys who wants to go colonise mars in the first wave of people.

“I think we have to get off the planet so we can protect the species from one extinction level event.”

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In latest film The Martian, the actor plays an astronaut who gets left behind on Mars, which meant he had to spend five weeks shooting with no other actors on set.

And Matt admitted he would love to get a little bit more alone time in his personal life.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight Canada, he said: “I love being with my kids but you can attest to the fact that you would take a day alone now or then if you could get it.

“I wouldn’t want to be alone for more than a day or two..I think a day would be good. You kind of re-set, re-charge.”