Marvel releases latest trailer for new Loki series 1 year ago

Marvel releases latest trailer for new Loki series

It comes after the series' first posters were released in March

Marvel have dropped a new trailer for the upcoming Loki series, its third Disney+ streaming series, having already released WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


Tom Hiddlestone is back in his role as the Asgardian god of mischief and one of the Marvel Universe's most loved characters. But this isn't exactly the same Loki that fans have got to know over the years, as the series follows the Loki of an alternate timeline who used the Tesseract to escape custody, after the Avengers' Infinity Stone heist that fans will remember from Endgame.


It doesn't look like there will be anything to worry about though, as the god of mischief appears to live up to his title if the trailer is anything to go by.

The trailer also gives us another glimpse of Owen Wilson in his role as Time Variance Authority agent Mobius M. Mobius, which already looks like an inspired bit of casting. The series also stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino, Wunmi Mosaku, Richard E.Grant, Sasha Lane, and Erika Coleman.

So far though, Marvel have been very quiet about the plot of the series, with the official synopsis only saying: "In Marvel Studios’ Loki, the mercurial villain Loki (Tom Hiddleston) resumes his role as the God of Mischief in a new series that takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame."

Visual effects supervisor Brad Parker has described the series as "a crazy journey" and that "so many amazing things are going to happen in every episode"


It's safe to say that the latest trailer has got fans very excited, with the comments featuring a lot of caps lock.

The series is being released on 11 June and is six episodes long. After the success of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it looks like Marvel are really delivering on their content for Disney+.