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04th Feb 2019

Maroon 5 absolutely slated for Super Bowl LIII halftime show

Simon Lloyd

‘Maroon 5, musical other people’s holiday photos on Facebook’

 How bad was the first half of Super Bowl LIII? Well, this bad…

With just three New England Patriots points on the board in Atlanta at the end of the second quarter, pretty much everyone was in need of distracting for a few minutes. Thankfully, Maroon 5 did exactly that, giving plenty amongst the hundreds of millions watching a reason to actually want to get back to the football…

Plenty were in agreement that Adam Levine and his bandmates underwhelmed…

… to the point where some were briefly excited at the prospect of them being obliterated by a flaming asteroid which appeared to be on a collision course with the stage upon which they were performing

The sight of Outkast’s Big Boi was a welcome one.

… with some viewers clearly having trouble forgiving Maroon 5 for that fucking advert during the World Cup last summer.

There were plenty of other slightly mean things said about them.

But hey, at least people did recognise that Adam Levine had a cool jacket. 


Earlier in the night, soul legend Gladys Knight, back in her home city, performed the national anthem – also managing to upset some of those at home…