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28th Jan 2019

Margot Robbie reveals a new look for Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey teaser

Margot Robbie has revealed Harley Queen's new look ahead of the release of DC's latest female-dominated superhero film, Birds of Prey

Reuben Pinder

She has binned the Suicide Squad look

Margot Robbie perhaps best known for her role in The Wolf of Wall Street, in which she played the role of Jordan Belfort’s wife, Naomi Lapaglia. But in more recent years, she has received huge plaudits for her performances as DC’s antiheroine, Harley Quinn.

Her character in Suicide Squad has a distinctive look: tattoos, colourful hair, pale make-up, bright lip-stick. You’ve seen the films.

But today, Robbie revealed a new look for Quinn on her Instagram account.

While the character has held onto her baseball bat and tattoos, Harley Quinn is now complete with a shorter haircut and a neon pink outfit covered in confetti.

This reveal came just hours ahead of the first teaser for her new film, Birds of Prey.

In the teaser video, called “See You Soon,” an ’80s pop beat plays over quick glimpses of the cast in full costume. Robbie looks particularly happy as Harley, much more so than when we last saw her in prison at the end of 2016’s Suicide Squad.

So there you have it. Margot Robbie’s character in Birds of Prey looks slightly different. Oh and here’s the teaser.