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05th Mar 2018

Margot Robbie brought her mom as her Oscars date and people are shocked at how much they look alike

Owen Wilson could be heard somewhere in the distance saying "wow"

Kyle Picknell

You want to look don’t you? You want to look at Margot Robbie’s mom. It’s ok. I understand.

Margot Robbie went to the Oscars. Margot Robbie brought Margot Robbie’s mom to the Oscars. Margot Robbie’s mom looks quite a lot like Margot Robbie. One can only assume that Margot Robbie’s mom looks like Margot Robbie because she gave birth to her and also because of genetics. That is probably why. That is probably why Margot Robbie’s mom looks like Margot Robbie. Because she is her mom.

The crowd went wild. Twitter went wild. People said she looked like Robin Wright. Does she look like Robin Wright? No, not really. She has a vaguely similar angular haircut. Does she look like Margot Robbie? Yeah. Of course. Loads. People said that they couldn’t believe Margot Robbie’s mom looks like Margot Robbie. That was the main thing that they were saying. This was the thing that they were saying about Margot Robbie and Margot Robbie’s mom.

Somewhere in a dark corner, a man could be heard gently banging his head against a wall, over and over but with gradually more force until the blood started to slowly trickle down the creases of his forehead.




The blood is pooling now.

It’s flowing into a nearby drain. Drip.

Drip. That’s how genetics work. Drip.


The man is dead now. Congratulations.