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31st Mar 2016

Man gets mate’s penis inked on leg and Tattoo Fixers replace it with Biggie Smalls

Simon Lloyd

Every now and then, you might hear the odd tale of someone capping a memorable holiday with a commemorative tattoo which they later come to regret, but *this* really does take it to a whole new level.

A man known only as Carl, who heralds from the North East of England, returned from a holiday in Ayia Napa with a friend’s penis inked on the inside of his thigh.

Unsurprisingly, he came to regret the decision and found himself paying a visit to Channel 4’s Tattoo Fixers.

“I have my best mate’s d*ck tattooed on my groin,” he explained.

“We drew around it on holiday and I got it tattooed on my leg.”

Drew around it? On your leg? How?

That point aside, his unusual tattoo has made him somewhat of a local celebrity.

“I am known all over for the tattoo, I have had groups of girls recognise us and say get your leg out, you have a cock on your leg,” Carl added.

Naturally, there was only one way of amending the tattoo… by transforming it into an intricate design of the late rap legend Biggie Smalls, of course.

We’re sure Biggie will be looking down on Carl’s new design with immense pride.