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09th Jan 2017

Major secrets are going to be revealed in this week’s EastEnders

It's all about to go off in Walford...

Cassie Delaney

Ne’er a day passes in Walford without some element of pure drama.

This week, the scandal is at an all-time high when multiple secrets are revealed on the square.

The most prominent reveal is the real reason for Michelle Fowler’s return. Michelle Fowler made her return to the Square over Christmas, with Jenna Russell taking over the iconic character. Michelle hadn’t so much as visited the square in 20 years so her sudden return was shrouded in mystery. This week, Michelle tearfully reveals to best mate Sharon that she has broken the law.

Furious, Shazza bellows:

“You know, if you’re going to have them kind of secrets, keep ’em secret!”

The extent of her unlawfulness remains unknown but we’re certain to find out in the coming days.

Elsewhere, as Denise prepared to give birth to a wee baby, Mick tells Shirley that he believed Buster has been cheating with Denise.

According to Digital Spy, Shirley corners Denise in the bathroom and demands answers as to who the baby daddy really is.