Maisie Williams had an epic reason for not attending the Golden Globes 3 years ago

Maisie Williams had an epic reason for not attending the Golden Globes

It sounds like she had more fun anyway.

From Tom Hanks serving martinis to Tommy Wiseau trying to grab the mic from James Franco during his acceptance speech, it's fair to say that this year's Golden Globes were more eventful than usual.


But even though it might have been a night to remember, not everybody in Hollywood even bothered showing up.

One star not in attendance was Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams, who I probably don't need to tell you, plays Arya Stark in HBO's premier fantasy drama.

She took to Instagram to explain what she was doing instead of heading to the award ceremony.

Alongside a picture of herself in fancy dress, she wrote: “I could not attend the golden globes this year. Instead, I took this weekend as an opportunity to fulfil all my hopes and dreams by dressing up as my idol, Coraline.”

If you're wondering what else she's got planned for 2018, the 20-year-old is also due to star in X-Men: The New Mutants later this year.

And speaking about her plans for when GOT ends, last year she also told BBC Newsbeat that she would look to do more independent films.


She explained: "I'm really excited for Game of Thrones to finish and there's going to be time for me to do whatever I want.

"That's just incredibly exciting and it will be nice to pick roles that I want to do.

"I can show the world what sort of actress I want to be and shape my career a little bit."