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20th Jul 2018

Loyal Georgia admits she would have been disloyal had she stayed on Love Island

"You know me babes, I'm loyal"

Kyle Picknell

Georgia from Love Island has a very strange grasp of the concept of loyalty

We already know this.

Georgia from Love Island thinks loyalty works in the same way that telling people your name works.

That if you go around simply shouting it at people, just straightforward informing them you are loyal, “Hi, my name is Loyal”, and telling them just how loyal it is that you are, which is extremely, that this actually qualifies you as being a loyal person despite you not showing any discernible traits of loyalty or being loyal, like even a bit.

She didn’t show any traits at all really, other than VOLUME and saying “I can’t. Dan, I can’t” anytime she was faced with the most minor of inconveniences.

Georgia left the villa with Sam Bird, the guy she didn’t really fancy but then suddenly really fancied when they were faced with the decision to split up or stay as a couple and get booted off the villa.

They chose to split up and stay, lasting a few days before ultimately reversing their decision because, well, you know Georgia, she’s nothing if not constant and steadfast which, yeah, yeah I guess those could be used as synonyms for loyalty as well, couldn’t they.

Since returning back to the land of the ab-less, pale people, she has since admitted that had she stayed in the Love Island villa, uncoupled with human doormat Sam, she would have, gasp, ‘started to be disloyal’.

Explaining her decision to leave she said:

“If I’d stayed and recoupled with a new boy, I would have started to be disloyal and I wouldn’t have been genuine, and would have been going against everything that I am. I would have been staying in there for all the wrong reasons hence why Sam and I left together.

“The definition for me of the word loyal is being true in a relationship and always being honest and letting your partner know how you’re feeling all the time and not going against things that you would say.”

What’s your favourite line? Go on, which is it?

Has to be ‘would have been going against everything that I am’ for me. Has to be. You’ve got to give it to her, she has doubled, tripled, absolutely quadrupled down on this imaginary being loyal vibe and for better or worse, most likely worse when she leaves Sam in two months time to date a lesser known member of JLS.

It makes you think though, what is loyalty? Is it, in fact, the inherent quality of faithfulness and devotion through thick and thin, or is it just Georgia, stomping about in her platform sandals telling people she’s had enough?

It’s the first thing, obviously, but there is a valuable lesson in here.

And that lesson is this: dogs are loyal, your mates are loyal, Jack Fincham is loyal, Matt Le Tissier is loyal. Probably the most loyal, in fact.

Georgia? Well Georgia is called Georgia, and that’s all we can really take as the honest truth at this point.