Love Island's male contestants face backlash over 'homophobic reaction' to two women kissing 2 months ago

Love Island's male contestants face backlash over 'homophobic reaction' to two women kissing

'Why did the guys look so SHOCKED'

Love Island fans have taken to Twitter to criticise the men in the villa for some of their reactions when two of the female islanders shared a kiss.


On the first episode of the new series, the group of contestants were playing a game of dares.

As part of the game, Amber was asked to kiss the girl she fancied the most in the villa.

She picked out Tasha, and locked lips with her fellow islander, leaving some of the boys watching on in shock, and causing one of them to say "you can't do that."


Many viewers were left angry at the reaction from the male contestants, who had seemed to act like the kiss between two women was something unusual or out of the ordinary. Several also pointed out this was particularly shocking because June is Pride month.

One user said: "Oh why the boys so aghast Amber kissed Tasha in this very pride month??"

A second added: "I SAW THOSE DIRTY LOOKS WHEN AMBER GAVE THAT KISS….. on pride month???"


While a third said that the men "looked PANICKED watching the girls kiss each other instead of them, happy pride month!!!"


A fourth commented: "Why did the boys all pull that face at the kiss. Is it not pride month?"

And a fifth asked why the guys in the villa looked "so shocked when Amber and Tash kissed!??!?!?".


It's not the first time the series has come under fire from viewers and fans. Throughout the opening two episodes, many have been voicing their concern with the age gap between Gemma Owen and her new partner, Davide.

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