Love Island's Jess reveals the truth about Valentine's Day wedding to Dom 3 years ago

Love Island's Jess reveals the truth about Valentine's Day wedding to Dom

Fans weren't impressed.

After meeting on Love Island last summer, Jess Shears and Dom Lever decided to seemingly mark their first Valentine's Day together by getting married - in what we can all agree was one of the worst television moments ever.


The couple appeared on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, where they wed wearing swimwear.

Richard Arnold even got ordained ahead of the ceremony, which took place live on TV on Valentine's Day.

They read out Love Island themed vows and were declared as husband and wife in front of the presenters and viewers at home.

Jessica's vows were: "I, Jessica Shears, take you Dominic Lever, to be my husband. will not pie you off, even if Muggy Mike comes along. In the presence of TVโ€™s Richard Arnold, I make this vow."


But after finding themselves being mocked on social media for the Valentine's Day 'nuptials', Jess took to Twitter to shed some light on it all.

The reality TV contestant ended up backtracking on the wedding, telling everyone that it was only a joke.

She later clarified that she and Dom would be tying the knot (for real this time) in October.


She said:"So many people getting their knickers in a twist this morning about mine and Valentines Wedding on

"We had such a laugh and canโ€™t wait for the REAL wedding now in October."


However, many fans were still pretty confused about what actually was meant to be a joke in it all.