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07th Jun 2018

Love Island’s Adam called a ‘liar’ as Geordie Shore appearance resurfaces

Oh dear.

Keeley Ryan

It’s all kicking off…

Love Island’s Adam Collard has proven to be one of the more controversial housemates in the villa, mainly because he savagely destroyed Kendall and Niall’s one-day long reality-TV-constructed relationship on Tuesday.

And it looks like the personal trainer may be just as controversial out of the villa. Before joining the cast of Love Island, the 22-year-old claimed that he had turned down a role in Geordie Shore as it was portraying Newcastle in a bad light.

However, it’s now emerged that he was on Geordie Shore. And the clip has now resurfaced online.

Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan retweeted the short video of Adam being chatted up by Charlotte Crosby and Chloe Ferry, before agreeing to a three-way kiss with them.

She captioned the post:”The guy who ‘turned down’ Gshore being an extra on Gshore LOL.”

It comes as previous Geordie Shore cast member Marnie Simpson called Adam a “liar” after he claimed to have repeatedly rejected offers to appear on the series.”You auditioned for it every series and got rejected,” she said shortly before the series premiere.

Before he headed into the Love Island villa, Adam told MailOnline he didn’t want to appear on that show as “I’m not that type of person.”

He continued: “Don’t get us wrong, I like going out. But I’m not daft, I’ve got something between my ears at the same time.

“I wouldn’t want the stereotype of ‘Oh, let’s go, let’s get f**ked.’

“Like, it’s not me, do you know what I mean? I wouldn’t want to come across that way as well.”

He also told the publication how he thinks the MTV show has ended up creating a negative picture of his hometown.

He added: “I think it’s got worse now, recently. I don’t want to slate the show, but I think Newcastle is more like Love Island than Geordie Shore.

“People from down South maybe don’t realise that Geordie people are more like the islander’s.

“They’re smart, they know what they’re doing. They’ve got things going on, especially in Newcastle.

“It’s more of a stereotype there, and you get the extremists, like the Geordie Shore cast. It’s not a true representation.”