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17th Jul 2018

Love Island viewers are all turning on Dr Alex

Their patience with him has finally run out

Orlaith Condon

It’s all over

Since day one, Dr Alex has held a soft spot in the hearts of Love Island viewers everywhere. Nobody is particularly sure why, but he has.

Yep, the doctor has had millions cheering him on for the last six or so weeks as he made his weak, gentle attempts to find love.

And while he might have lost a few fans here and there along the way, the vast majority have remained – as Georgia would say – loyal.

However, that’s all just changed.

After one short conversation and a bit of smouldering, Alex has lost the support of everyone.

The seemingly unlucky-in-love doctor has caught the eye of new girl Laura and Alexandra seems happy about it.

Things got even worse when Alex and Laura had a very, very slightly flirty conversation and Twitter lost its shit.

With Alexandra having just arrived and kindly given Dr Alex a lifeline when absolutely no other girl was the least bit interested, is the former favourite going to betray her?


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