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25th Jul 2018

Love Island viewers notice another staged moment in last night’s episode

And no, it wasn't the fact that Alex managed a weird kiss

Keeley Ryan

Yes, again…

Eagle-eyed Love Island fans have noticed another error after last night’s episode – this time, involving Alexandra Cane.

The make-up artist pulled her partner, Dr Alex, aside for an emotional heart-to-heart following the lie detector results.

But during their lengthy chat, viewers couldn’t help but notice that Alexandra’s wine glass kept disappearing.

As the pair sat down by the fire pit, Alexandra placed her glass down beside Alex’s beer – and the next shot, a view from behind them, showed the drinks still on the table.

However, when the camera returned to a frontal view, Alexandra’s wine glass had vanished. And then Alex’s beer suddenly moved to the sofa, without him even touching it.

And by the time the pair kissed and made up, Alexandra’s wine glass reappeared – this time, back in her hand.

So, again, to revisit the magical moving-and-vanishing glasses…

There they are, heading to the fire pit – both with a drink in hand.

Both set their drinks down on the table.

Drinks still there, all good.

Alex’s beer has moved without him touching it…and Alexandra’s drink is gone?

Annnnnd alakazam – Alexandra’s drink is back.

It’s not the first time that Love Island fans have called ‘fix’ this series.

The latest blink-and-you-miss-it error happened during Friday night’s episode, with Laura Anderson and Paul Knops.

Following the most recent recoupling, the pair were sitting by the hot tub and having a chat about all the drama, as well as how excited Laura was that Paul had picked her.

But as they were mid-conversation, it seems that the new couple went through some very abrupt changes.

As one person pointed out on Twitter:

“Can’t be the only one to notice Paul and Laura jumping up two steps mid conversation?

“The show is so staged this year and the producers can[‘t] even cover it up anymore.”

Not only did Paul and Laura miraculously hop up two steps mid-conversation, her wine glass – which had previously been pretty full – was drained.


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