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10th Jul 2018

Love Island viewers have run out of patience with ‘Loyal’ Georgia

Wil Jones

Are you loyal, Georgia? Really? We couldn’t tell

Remember when Josh screwed over Georgia by coupling with Kaz over in Casa Amor? Much like the group stages of the World Cup, that seems a very long time ago. It seemed like it was going to make people actually like Georgia.

That didn’t last long, did it?

This week, she went on a date with New Jack (that is his legal name now, by the way), when he was with Laura, and tried to kiss him, and that all kicked off.

And now she’s with Sam. But on Tuesday night’s episode, she was clearly flirting with new boy Idris.

But she’s loyal. She’s a very loyal girl. Do you know how we know she’s loyal? Because she KEEPS TELLING EVERY HOW LOYAL SHE IS.

And viewers are starting to get sick of it.

Even, er, Claude from The Apprentice was infuriated.

Rumour has it, Georgia once collaborated with Kendrick Lemar, and they wrote this song together.


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