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15th May 2019

Love Island will go ahead this summer despite calls to cancel it following two suicides

Love Island will reportedly be going ahead despite calls to cancel the show following The Jeremy Kyle Show's indefinite suspension

Reuben Pinder

Jeremy Kyle viewers have labelled the decision hypocritical

Love Island will be broadcast this summer despite calls to cancel it following the news of The Jeremy Kyle Show’s indefinite suspension following the death of one its guests, according to the Mirror.

Steven Dymond, 63, was found dead just a week after his appearance on Jeremy Kyle, prompting ITV to take the show off the air.

Viewers have called for ITV to apply the same principle to Love Island after two former contestants took their own life after appearing on the show.

Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis both died after appearing on Love Island 2016 and 2017 respectively, sparking calls from the public to cancel the programme.

But despite opposition from the public, Love Island will reportedly be going ahead on ITV this summer.

Following the death of Mike Thalassitis, ITV announced that it would improve the level of support offered to contestants after they appear on the show, committing to offer therapy to every islander rather than only to those who ask for it.

ITV bosses have also said they will be checking in more regularly to ensure their wellbeing.

Parliament have also announced they will be launching a probe into reality TV.