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24th Jul 2018

Love Island fans worried another contestant has quit the series after lie detector

'If they've left Love Island, then it's cancelled this year'

Keeley Ryan

‘If they’ve left Love Island, then it’s cancelled this year’

The Love Island lie detector test took place on Monday night…and, basically, it left a trail of tears throughout the villa.

But it looks like the drama has had an even bigger impact on one of the couples: Jack and Dani.

A preview for tonight’s episode saw both new Laura and Alexandra in tears following the results of the controversial test.

And Jack was still fuming after the blazing row he had with Dani over the results in the test.

The preview shows him talking to someone else in the villa – and things get pretty heated.

Before storming off, he said:

“Absolutely fuking pathetic, I’m not having this conversation – I’m going.”

It’s more than likely that Jack was heading off to go patch things up with Dani (or, at least, that’s what we’ve got our fingers crossed for).

But after we’ve had four Islanders exit this season without actually being dumped, fans were very concerned for Jack.

And it looks like they aren’t the only couple hanging in the balance following the explosive lie detector results.

Alex and Alexandra look to have hit a snag after he was asked if he thought her feelings for him were genuine – he said yes, but it was determined that was a ‘lie’. He also said that he doesn’t see a future with her on the outside.

Meanwhile, Laura C was left upset when New Jack admitted that he felt there were girls in the villa who were better looking – and it was determined that was the truth.


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