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08th Jun 2018

Love Island fans think they know who’s going home after tonight’s recoupling

James Dawson

It’s looking like a big night ahead

A lot to take in on Love Island last night, then, more tears, more drama. And literally nobody acting as if they have known each other  – and I think I really need to emphasise this because when you think about it and then consider the amount of #drama that’s going down, it’s crazy – less than a week.

You’ve got to think it’s only going to get worse with the first recoupling of the season due to take place tonight. We know this because a trailer was released ahead of tonights show in which Samira read out a text.

She says: “Islanders. Tonight there will be recoupling.

“The boys will choose and the girl not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the island.”

And although we can’t yet know for sure what’s going to go on, viewers think they know who is going to get dumped out of the villa. Apparently all signs point to Hayley.

We’ll find out tonight, I guess.