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16th Jun 2018

Love Island fans are pointing out a pretty big error in last night’s episode

Two more contestants left the Love Island villa last night - but some fans think their exit was spoiled beforehand.

Keeley Ryan

Love Island conspiracy #67…

Two more contestants left the Love Island villa last night – but fans reckon their exit was spoiled ahead of time.

The contestants had voted on the two least compatible couples on Thursday night, leaving Samira and Alex; as well as Hayley and Charlie on the chopping block.

Ultimately, Hayley and Charlie were the ones who had to pack their bags and go.

But fans are convinced that Samira accidentally ended up giving away who got dumped from the island – even before it was officially announced.

The former West End performer was seen reacting to Caroline Flack’s appearance in the villa, saying: “When the Flack walks in, she means business.”

However, some fans were convicted that Samira could have only filmed her reaction after the eviction if she wasn’t part of the couple leaving the villa – as Hayley and Charlie would have been packing their bags.

Social media users were quick to point out the possible editing slip-up on Twitter.

Sunday night’s episode will see two new contestants enter the villa: Ellie and Zara.

And it looks like there may be #drama in store for Adam, as Ellie is actually his ex-girlfriend’s best friend. Gutted.