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05th Jul 2017

Love Island fans are only realising where they know the voiceover guy from

Paul Moore

Most of you will know him already.

Given that Love Island is primarily concerned with flirting, drinking, partying and erm, riding, it’s entirely understandable if most viewers are green with jealousy.

After all, these contestants are getting a free trip abroad and it seems like they don’t have a care in the world. If you fancy being on the show then you can do so here, but aside from all this frolicking on the beach, one person has done his very best to keep the public entertained.

Granted, he’s not shirtless, tipsy or even on screen, but the contribution of Scottish comedian Iain Stirling can’t be underestimated.

Aside from providing the voiceover work on the ITV2 show, Stirling has an extremely successful career as a comedian and he’s taking his stand-up comedy show on the road in the next few weeks.

Stirling is also an accomplished TV presenter and it’s very likely that you know his face already.

Have you seen the CBBC shows; The Dog Ate My Homework , All Over the Place, or another show called Drunk History?

In terms of more recent projects, he’s also the host of CelebAbility, a brand new physical comedy gameshow that features a group of 5 friends who will go head to head with 5 celebrities in a series of hilarious rounds.

Well, certain Love Island fans are only discovering Stirling’s history in the media and they’re very surprised that he has already played some part in their TV childhood.

For example, this lady knew that the answer was just on the tip of her brain. Ask and you’ll get the answer.

This lady is correct.

In fact, Iain has been more than happy to take the mickey out of himself and the show on Twitter. Keep up the good work.


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