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10th Jul 2017

Love Island contestant demonstrates exactly how not to smoke a lit cigarette

A masterclass in Trying To Look Cool And Ballsing It Up

Rich Cooper

Love Island has taught us many things. The redefinition of the words ‘grafting’ and ‘melt’, for example.

Perhaps Love Island has shown you that your personal vision of hell would be to appear on Love Island. Or maybe Love Island taught you that energy can’t be created or destroyed, but it can be changed, though how you learned the first law of thermodynamics from Love Island will forever be a mystery.

However, Sunday night’s episode taught everyone a very simple but very important lesson: if you want to smoke a cigarette, you don’t put the lit end in your mouth. Smoking is obviously not good for you and can lead to long-term illnesses like lung cancer and heart disease, but you can also avoid suffering in the short-term by not burning your lips on red-hot tobacco.

That’s what Love Island’s Jamie Jewitt discovered when he did exactly that.

As Love Island aficionados will know, things between Jamie and Camilla have been going very well, with the pair finally sharing a kiss. It’s just as well Jamie had a quite practice on that cigarette, just to keep his skills in check.