Louise Redknapp has been criticised for her It Takes Two performance 2 months ago

Louise Redknapp has been criticised for her It Takes Two performance

Louise Redknapp appeared on the Strictly Come Dancing spin-off show, It Takes Two, last night.

While she was welcomed back on to the show, after being a contestant last year, her performance didn't go down too well with viewers. She sang one of her old song, which was originally released in 2000, 2 Faced.

The lyrics of her song appeared to annoy some of the show's viewers. One line, for instance, is: "Stop your bitching, 'cos you’re so sad, bitching behind my back, honey I don’t need that."

As it was shown before the watershed, people have been complaining.


The singer made headlines recently over her shock split from husband Jamie. Although it was revealed that they are getting a divorce, their future is still uncertain as they plan to spend Christmas together as a family this year.

And last night she appeared on the show with her wedding ring on, which confused a lot of people.

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